Sunday, February 13, 2011

Baking lesson with Nana

Last weekend I went back to my kampung in Perak (when I say kampung I mean the house where my opah lives) and my cousin, Nana who has just started her baking business, was also there. To be honest, her business is expanding like crazy and she even had a business catalog (it's not uncommon, just that I'm impressed. She's waay ahead of me!). While in kampung she asked me to teach her baking red velvet cupcakes as hers were not up to the expectation, as well as how to make smooth and creamy buttercream. So, 2 young ladies worked their mixer and oven off in the kitchen and here are the results :)

 Fluffy and well- risen red velvet cupcakes without their 'crown'
Red velvets with their delectable crowns on top

So dear cousin, hopefully your business keeps on expanding and don't forget to share with your one- minute sifu here if you have any scrumptious recipes in future :P

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Congratulations Jelly!

Today is the engagement of my dear friend, Miss Jelly (bukan nama sebenar) whom is also my soon-to-be colleague. First and foremost, big, hearty congratulations from me! *hugss* May this new stage leads to more happiness in your life. And for her big day, she ordered 150 pieces of hazelnut- filled white chocolates as her door gifts. So here are the pictures. 

White chocolates filled with roasted hazelnut

They actually look nice, don't you think so? He he

Stay tune for more updates. Cheers!